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Understanding Why Online Marketers Should Buy Private Proxies

Consumers favor e-mail advertising given that they are in control and they rely on brands to appreciate their preferences.

Online marketing encompasses a broad spectrum of activities. You have email, Pay-Per-Click, affiliations and search engine optimization. To understand how online marketers specifically profit from the use of private proxies, one must figure out how private proxies work and in what particular area it is applicable and how it can be applied. It makes no sense to buy private proxies for marketing without understanding its purpose.

Private proxy servers are those parts of a network that serve gateways to information coming to and from the internet. They ensure that only pertinent data is retrieved and that the identity of the requestor is concealed through a number of IP addresses. See, when one browses online, he typically leaves digital footprints which could be associated to the internet address his ISP provides. Everyone has a exclusive set of numbers and therefore can be differentiated from other searchers. Usually, there’s nothing to be concerned about this act, especially if you are not doing anything wrong or are not handling sensitive information. But if you are not comfortable about being tracked and profiled online by hackers, administrators, government specialists and business website crawlers, your best bet to stay anonymous and mislead them would be to buy private proxies and use alternative IP addresses they offer.

Now, how this is relevant to internet marketing is revealed through careful assessment of what each aspect entails.

Email marketing makes use of a few websites, give or take, ten. And all of them are international in nature. So it’s hardly likely that there will be any problems as far as IP addresses go, even if you create and use different profiles. Pay-Per-Click is done on search engines and it basically equates to displaying banner ads on SERPs and popular sites when specific keywords are used. Again, the main issue here will not be IP addresses, rather money. And then we consider affiliations, which in a sense mean you promote website links on your page for financial privileges. Here, you only get to manipulate your own domain and therefore will not have any issues pertaining to accessibility.

And then we move on to search engine optimization, which is a collection of online activities that make use of different websites to post information about a particular resource page, using different identities so that it can gain a lot of traffic. From this alone you can deduce that you will be working on more than a handful of websites, pose as multiple individuals and do the same activity repeatedly for a long period of time to gain favourable standing to online surfers. To search engines like Google and private websites like forums and blogs, this is considered fraudulent since the traffic produced is caused by manipulation rather than people’s interests. As such, sanctions will be imposed, from suspension to blocking and sometimes even removal.

To prevent any chance of acquiring penalties, you have to appear as someone unique to search engine administrators, even in your digital characteristics. This is where private proxy servers are useful. But as an added benefit, they can also help you secure access to sites that serve your client’s demographics and location by giving you a digital identity they recognize. Moreover, they also keep you from being traced when you check out competition stats. And as an online marketer, you know your anonymity is equivalent to sales. Hopefully, this sheds some light as to why optimizers need to buy private proxies.

By: Alex Bauer

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